Friday, July 19, 2013

The SDV Gamer

Welcome to the world of SDV gaming. Yes, that's right I am a slapdash vagrant gamer. I wander aimlessly from MMO to MMO (sometimes console game to console game also) with no real home to call my own.

"Why on earth would someone do that?" You ask. "Pick a damned game, like WoW & stick with it you loser. Finish something!"

To this I simply smile sweetly & reply:

STFU, MMOs can not simply be "finished", duh!... Also...Because I can. Perhaps I have ADD & am not aware of it? Maybe I'm roaming through the vast world of MMOs in search of something that I'm lacking in my own personal life outside of cyberspace? Or maybe I'm simply searching for that one game that is sheer perfection. You know the kind that is so breathtakingly beautiful that it literally makes you break down every-time you play it, the storyline is so original compared to other games that it's mind-blowing & the PVP is simply epic...
Yeah that one... Have you found yours yet?
What is it? I might be interested in checking it out...if it's f2p. I'm broke more often than not & paying for games every month isn't exactly a top priority when I'm a single mommy. ;-)

The more realistic reason that I game-hop however is probably because I simply enjoy it. I think there are many games out there that have many wonderful things to offer. That's possibly due to the fact that I'm not a hardcore gamer in the sense that I don't really care about DPS & who has the best raid gear, etc... I take my time, enjoy the in game scenery & photo-ops & die...a lot. Which can certainly make for amusing videos & stories.

The one thing I am "hardcore" about with my games is I love, love, love character customization. The more options the better. After-all who wants to play a game where their toon looks as awesomely awesome as the other 3,735 players who have chosen the exact same options in hopes of making their toons unique? I don't, not usually...

PVP is also a MUST! (That's all I'm going to say about that in this post)

So if you would like to follow my misadventures throughout some beautiful, twisted & chaotic game worlds, by all means, please stay tuned for some screenshots & videos, as well as my thoughts. I hope you enjoy your stay