Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anti-Fashion Fashion

So my oldest & dearest BFF over at Oh Hello Teresa talked me into giving Polyvore one more shot. I really had nothing better to do today & had no real posts planned, so I thought Why the heck not?...Everyone needs one more online site to get addicted to & let it suck out your soul!

So here I am, making a post about music & fashion, which feels a little weird I'm not gonna lie. I've never really considered myself "fashionable" or thought that I have a keen fashion sense... So please don't be overly critical? :-P

Music is my inspiration. I mean that in the truest sense of the word. Music fuels my writing, my art, my clothing choices, my moods, my life. I truly think I would wither away into a hollow husk of a person if I suddenly had no more music to listen to. So it's no surprise that I came up with two punk inspired sets from listening to my Punk It!! playlist on Spotify.

Like I said I've never considered myself in the fashion loop or a trend-setter. I tend to wear what ever I like at the time, which can range from long flowing gypsy skirts & flip-flops, to ripped jeans & band Tshirts, or girly dresses & lots of pretty jewelry. I'm myself & that's all I'll ever claim to be.

The first one is inspired by the band Bad Religion (in case the shirt doesn't give it away, lol) & the second is simply because I adore pink, black & white together. 

If you don't know who Bad Religion is I highly suggest that you check them out, now!

Punk Pimpin'
Punk Pimpin'

Pretty In Punk<BR>

Pretty In Punk

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