Friday, August 2, 2013

Frost Says: It burns so good!

I have a nearly 4yr old daughter who is just the funniest kid ever. Yeah I'm aware that all parents think that about their kids. Except mine really is way too amusing for her own good sometimes...

So random posts like these, entitled "Frost Says" is where I will be sharing her silliness.

She asked me to make her a sandwich for lunch a few minutes ago, just like the one she had yesterday, which consisted of bread, mayo, mustard, ham, green & yellow bell peppers & sliced up (only 1 cause I didn't want it to be too spicy) tabasco olives.

So I was in the process of making her lunch when she said "Mommy, make it like you did the other day but put more olives on it! I couldn't even taste the olives you put on it the other day!"

And she was correct. She told me yesterday while eating her sandwich that she wasn't able to taste the olives.

So today I sliced up three olives & put them on her sandwich...only to have her still say that she couldn't taste them. So I asked her "Baby are you sure you can't taste them? They're sliced up small. You sure you don't taste the spiciness?"

To which she replied "Well...yeah I guess. I kinda just tasted a spiciness in that bite"

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